Product information

  • Durability - lifespan of 50 years
  • T66 marine grade alloy rail system, rust and corrosion resistant. Perfect for NZ's harsh conditions.
  • Low maintenance - annual washdown completes the maintenance program
  • Rainscreen system repels 95% of water ingress providing extra protection against the elements
  • Can be applied to facades, interior walls, soffits, window reveals, parapets, roofs

Warranty: Up to 15 years

Lead time: 12-14 weeks from date of order

Height: 150 - 1000mm

Length: 150 - 3000mm

Windloads: tested to withstand up to 4.2 kpa

Seismic loads: tested to withstand up to 100mm of interstory drift and seismic racking




Moeding started from a consortium of German roofing tile manufacturers in the mid 1980s.  Switching shortly afterwards to focus entirely on clay tile facades, Moeding was then launched into the international market, still succeeding today in their aim of creating aesthetically pleasing, thoroughly functional façade systems.