Aged Care

Specifications for aged care facilities usually focus on these requirements:

  • Safety underfoot (whether wet or dry)

  • Comfort underfoot

  • Ease of cleaning

  • Neutral, tranquil tones




Tarkett Granit Multisafe is our most highly recommended flooring for barefoot wet areas.  It is a homogeneous vinyl sheet with a noduled surface that is ideal for reducing slips and falls, while being relatively resilient underfoot, and easy to clean.  Granit Safe.T and Primo Safe.T are other vinyl options, but with gritted surfaces these are harder on bare feet, and harder to clean, although they are more heavy duty and therefore suitable for wheeled traffic (Multisafe is for feet only). 

Note that under the NZ Building Code bathrooms don't specifically need to be slip-resistant to AS/NZS 4586, except if they are a 'wet area'.  Generally bathrooms with accessible or open showers should be classified as wet areas, but those with enclosed showers don't need to be. (Read more detail on the code requirements).

For bathroom walls, wall vinyl can be welded to the floor vinyl, creating a waterproofed wetroom for easy cleaning.  Smooth surface floor vinyl may also be used on the walls for a matching look (eg smooth Granit can be matched with Granit Multisafe), or there are specific wall vinyls like Aquarelle or Wallgard, that may be used.  These are thinner than floor vinyl so are a cheaper option for walls.  If you require a specific fire rating, check out the Product Guide for Fire Code requirements.


Bedrooms, Corridors & Common Areas


Healthcare or performance broadloom carpet from Shaw Contract Group is the recommended option for these areas.  This carpet provides a soft surface to walk on, and is heavy-duty enough to withstand wheeled traffic.  It has a special backing, so when installed to specification it provides an impermeable surface that liquid cannot soak through, reducing odour and improving hygiene.

For bedroom, corridor and common area walls Tarkett Protectwall can provide heavy duty protection from impact, scratches, abrasion and stains, while providing an attractive look.

If you require a specific fire rating, check out the Product Guide for Fire Code requirements.


Click here to download Shaw Contract Group's 'Design is Healing' Healthcare Solutions brochure, and find out how carpet:

* reduces leg and eye fatigue

* improves acoustics

* provides a hard-wearing surface

* has a superb life-cycle cost

* improves safety

* improves indoor air quality

* is sustainable and recyclable

* does all this and looks great!


Dining areas


Tarkett smooth sheet vinyl is the best choice for dining areas.  It is resilient underfoot, and easy to clean up.   Many different patterns are available, including the classic Traffic 250 wood look.


For more information on any of these products, or to discuss your Aged Care specification, please contact your local Jacobsen expert.