Specifications for education facilities usually focus on these requirements:

  • Ease of cleaning

  • Safety underfoot

  • Stimulating colour tones

  • Environmental friendliness (especially if the building is specified to Green Star)



Vinyl is great for any space, wet or dry, requiring a totally durable, very easy to clean surface.   Tarkett vinyl comes in a huge array of colours, from neutral greys and beiges to bright red, yellow, blue, green and even purple, and can easily be cut on site to form patterns.  Wood-look vinyl also looks good.



Linoleum is a fantastic choice for environmental friendliness - it is constructed entirely from natural resources.  Tarkett linoleum has a number of European eco-labels, plus the Australian Ecospecifier GreenTag (Gold, Level A) so may be used to gain Green Star credits.  Note linoleum may not be used in wet areas.



Cork is an alternative to linoleum.  Also constructed entirely from natural resources, Comcork is made from 70% recycled cork and rubber.  It has the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) eco-label, so may be used to gain Green Star credits.  Cork can be used in wet areas, and is available in both studded and smooth surfaces.


Porcelain Tiles

Tiles are often used for areas with high foot traffic that require a slip-resistant surface - for example in lobbies and atriums.  A myriad of colours, patterns and sizes are available to suit almost any space.



More schools are using carpet on their classroom floors, finding it to be a quiet, comfortable solution.  Shaw Colour Plank, Gradient and Tru Colour carpet tiles are popular for adding splashes of solid colour into a room. 


Click here to download Shaw Contract Group's Education Solutions brochure, and find out how carpet:

* reduces leg and eye fatigue

* regulates temperature

* improves acoustics

* provides a hard-wearing surface

* has a superb life-cycle cost

* improves safety

* improves indoor air quality

* is sustainable and recyclable

* does all this and looks great!


For more information on any of these products, or to discuss your Education specification, please contact your local Jacobsen expert.