Specifications for medical facilities usually focus on these requirements:

  • Ease of maintaining a hygienic environment

  • Safety underfoot




The type of floor-covering for the reception area usually depends on the size and nature of the medical facility - large public hospitals will utilise Tarkett vinyl for its ease of cleaning; smaller or private hospitals often prefer Shaw carpet tiles for their more modern and comfortable look.  For the latter, where entry is directly from the carpark, we strongly recommend the use of entrance matting to reduce wear on the carpet.


Corridors, labs and clinical space


For a very durable, easy clean surface, nothing beats vinyl.  Tarkett vinyl is available in a wide range of colours, from soothing neutrals, to modern tones and bright colours for kids.  It can be cut on site to make decorative patterns (see also Hutt, Dunedin & Middlemore Hospitals for great examples of floor patterns).


Wood look vinyls are also popular, especially for corridors, to impart a comforting, homely look to the space.  Vinyl can be standard or acoustic backed (can be helpful to reduce footfall noise in a busy area).


Protective wall vinyl, like Protectwall from Tarkett, is also a great idea for any areas that have a lot of activity, like washing areas, as well as wards and corridors with movable beds or trolleys - this reduces the appearance of marks and scuffing, and helps protect the wall from dents and holes.  Protectwall is available in a variety of colours and textures.


For more information on any of these products, or to discuss your Medical specification, please contact your local Jacobsen expert.