Starwood Series

Tanzania Almond

Minnesota Ash

Minnesota Moka

Nebraska Coffee

Minnesota Ice Ash

Vancouver Ice Dark

Minnesota Desert Moka

Minnesota Noa Cream

Minnesota Noa Moka

Product information

The Venis Starwood series imitates carefully handcrafted timber. Reproducing all the details of the wood's knots with absolute precision to ensure all the realism of nature, it has the visual appeal of top-quality woods combined with the technical properties of ceramic tiles.

Some of the finest woods have been selected for the four types, Tanzania, Vancouver, Nebraska and Minnesota. Available in a total of 12 colours, each design conveys a certain style and a specific feel.

This is a range of wall tiles for indoor use and floor tiles for indoor and outdoor use.


Wall Tiles

Starwood Desert

Starwood Eden

Starwood Ice

Starwood Noa


Floor Tiles