Product Guide for Acoustic Code requirements



Impact Sound Reduction (dB)*

Vinyl (sheet)


2mm Homogeneous with Regupol 4515-S 3mm underlay: 18 
with Helix Rubber underlay: 17
Granit Acoustic 15
Tapiflex Essential 19
Tapiflex Excellence 19



Carpet Tiles **


Desso Desert 24
Desso Essence 24
Desso Essence with Soundmaster backing 32
Desso Grain 27
Desso Grain with Soundmaster backing 32
Desso Reclaim Ribs 25
Desso Reclaim Ribs with Soundmaster backing 39

Shaw EcoWorx


Shaw Ecologix




Rubber Flooring


Everroll 4mm 19
Everroll 8mm 22
Noraplan 2mm 6
Noraplan 3mm 8
Noraplan 4mm Acoustic 18
Norament 926 4mm 12
Norament 926 Grano, Satura & Arago 3.5mm 10
Norament 825 3.2mm 9



Wood & Laminate


Wood Flooring 14mm with Regupol 4515 underlay: 16
with Helix Rubber underlay: 15
Laminate Flooring 8mm with Regupol 4515 underlay: 19
with Silent Shield underlay: 18
with Helix Rubber underlay: 17

Luxury Vinyl Tile


no underlay: 10

with Regupol 4515 underlay: 18 



Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles


Floor tiles with Regupol 4515, 10mm ceramic tile: 17


* Approximate values only, field test will be needed to confirm on-site results.

** Stock ranges only listed (note, Soundmaster backing is available indent only).  All Desso ranges have acoustic test results, please contact us for specific ranges or to enquire further about Soundmaster backings.