GreenTag FAQs

What's different about GreenTag?

Like all eco-labels, GreenTag does the hard work for you - all of the research, analysis and review is complete.  What makes GreenTag different is the LCARate process that awards eco- points, allowing direct comparison between GreenTag products.


How does the LCARate work?

This certification uses building information modelling (BIM) and computer simulation processes to rate a product against a worst case BAU (business as usual) comparison product.  There are four tiers of potential achievement - bronze, silver, gold and platinum, awarded on the basis of the eco-points achieved.


How are the eco-points worked out?

The eco-point for each product is worked out from a weighted average of the scores gained in each of six sustainability assessment categories - building synergy, health and toxicity, biodiversity, LCA score, greenhouse gases and corporate social responsibility.  The lower the total score, the better the performance is. 


For example, all of the Tarkett vinyls achieve around 0.53, made up of a scorecard that looks like this:


 This scorecard is featured on each GreenTag certificate - these certificates are available for download on our website in the relevant product section.


What is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?

This is a process that determines the environmental and health impacts of a product from the sourcing and refining of its raw materials, transport, manufacturing, disposal and where relevant reuse, over the whole life of the product including operations, maintenance and where relevant recycling.


This information is sourced from the EcoSpecifier website, please visit for further information