St John's Hill School, Whanganui

Architect/Designer: BSM Group Architects     Contractor/Installer: Hobday & Lorentzen Flooring Xtra

St John's Hill School

This project is the first stage of a remodel of an eighty year old teaching block to meet current pedagogical teaching practice (ILE - innovative learning environment). Walls between old classrooms were opened up onto an extended connecting learning street to provide opportunities for different modes of learning as well as a transition/circulation. The use of vibrant colours in the learning street is broken down in the main teaching areas that feature a solitary theme colour. The refurbished spaces are loved by staff and pupils alike with a more exciting way for students to learn and thrive.

Product used: Shaw Contract carpet planks from the Color Form range.  Coax (dark grey) in the teaching areas; Day Dream (mid blue), Blaze (orange), Puzzle (purple), Hyper Green, Aurora (red) in the learning street.


Products used