Fisher & Paykel Product Development, Auckland

Architect/Designer: Custance Architecture, Wellington     Contractor/Installer: Master Kelwin, Auckland

Fisher & Paykel Product Development

Fisher & Paykel's Design Centre is a research and development facility for many of their appliances.  The practicality of wheeling large appliances such as fridges and washing machines about the large scale of the floor plate (5000m2) and the blending of industrial and residential elements within the interior were all important considerations in the overall flooring solution. The existing concrete floor was sandblasted to provide a cost effective and practical hard floor surface for the traffic zones.  Large 'rugs' of carpet tile were laid in the open plan work zones and meeting pods.

In the open plan areas, Shaw plank tiles were laid in a half basket design providing a clean and simple large scale pattern.  A monochromatic selection of Fringe in three shades of grey was relieved by small, seemingly random, inserts of strong colour.  In contrast, strong colour was used in the meeting pods.  The half basket design was greatly magnified to give an abstract effect.  Two colour ways were used - one in ochre, orange, paprika and fuchsia and the other in two shades of green, turquoise and fuchsia. 

The carpet is a strong element within the interior.  Shaw plank module tiles, clean textures and strong colours allowed us to achieve exactly the effect we were looking for. - Nicola Custance

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