Product information

  • Dincel Structural Walling are stay-in-place polymer formwork panels that encapsulate a concrete wall. The panels can be used for load bearing and non-load bearing concrete walls for above or below ground applications. Unique patented snap-lock joints connect the panels together for fast and easy installation. This walling system is lightweight for greater safety and manoeuvrability on site.
  • Dincel requires no additional waterproof membrane when filled with ready mixed concrete. The flow and compaction of concrete is improved with Dincel Walls. Root causes of water problems such as porosity of walling material, leaking wall joints and wall cracks are eliminated.
  • The polymer skin will not melt away or contribute to the spread of fire. If the outside surface chars or burns, the core component remains as ordinary concrete.
  • Dincel Structural Walling provides an effective barrier against external noise therefore creating a more comfortable living environment.
  • Available sizes: 110mm profile with 333mm width, 155mm Profile with 333mm width, 200mm profile with 333mm width, 275mm profile with 275mm width.

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50% construction time saving

Fast and easy installation

No air voids

Waterproof protected barrier

Fire resistance tested

Termite, rot and mildew proof

Earthquake tested

Compliant for both internal and external/facade applications

Joint and crack free