EOS Sun Control Systems

Product information

  • A made to measure exterior and/or interior sun control systems to regulate daylight and provide solar heat control.
  • Highly versatile system for controlling all types of motorised solar protection devices
  • Available in three kinds of products: Aerofins, Linear, Shutters
  • Materials: metal, glass, etc
  • A vast range of colours and finishes
  • Rational design and ease of installation & maintenance
  • Operation options: fixed, manual, motorised
  • Integrated intelligent sun control systems are energy efficient and remarkably enhance any interior, bringing comfort to those inside
  • Customised products meet any application requirements of any project
  • Can be reprogrammed and extended to accommodate changes in the building space layout

Meets New Zealand Building code requirements for

B1/VM1 – Design Aluminium

B2 Durability