Kalwall Wall Cladding

Canada Street, Auckland

Canada Street, Auckland (interior)

Deakin University, VIC (interior)

Product information

  • Design – Large spans allow minimal superstructure on Buildings. Depending on wind-loading the panel can free span up to 6m.
  • Application – Kalwall have several applications from walls / curtainwalls to roofs and skylights.
  • Natural Light – Allowing diffused natural daylight into a building means glare free light that reduces artificial lighting costs.
  • Thermal resistance – Unmatched in the translucent market with thermal values up to R 3.5 allowing maximum daylighting areas without compromising the insulation of the building and heat loss / gain.
  • Impact Resistance – Kalwall is a very durable product and can withstand heavy impacts

Warranty: Up to 15 years

Lead time: 14-16 weeks from order date

70mm or 100mm thick panels

1200 or 1500mm panel widths standards

Thermal values of up to R3.5

Aluminium or thermally broken grid core

Potential to free span up to 6 meters

Design and manufacture to suit design specification

4 grid formats and 6 face sheet colours available

Download CAD, BIM & Revit files

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Kalwall is a proven, highly functional building technology, created over 50 years ago in the United States.   The company has perfected the application of allowing controlled natural light into a building while retaining an exceptionally high degree of insulation.   Manufactured to specification, Kalwall is suitable for many different installations, from walls to floors and ceilings.