What's Hot: Wood-look

Deck Day

Starwood Tanzania Almond

Starwood Minnesota Ash

Starwood Minnesota Moka

Starwood Nebraska Coffee

Product information

Wood look tiles are one of the latest trends for floors. As well as being great for areas like bathrooms, outside and heavy traffic spaces that natural wood isn't ideal for, wood look tiles also offer a contemporary, spacious, European feel to living and dining spaces.  Not just for floors, wood look tiles also look great on feature walls, splashbacks, and have even been used for exterior cladding walls.  They are available in both short or long planks, wide or narrow widths and smooth or textured finishes, in a wide range of colours. 


Featured in the images above are a range of the wood-look porcelain tiles available, in a variety of installation situations:

Deck: warm shades with a rich pattern, selected colours in stock

Starwood: Imitation of handcrafted wood with the precision of nature

Kasai:inspired by the Japanese artisanal technique that carbonises wood

Jacobsen offer a huge choice of products to suit every taste, application and budget.  Whilst more choice expands your design horizon, it can make selection more difficult and confusing at times.  Check out our 'how to choose' page for tips on colour, size, design and finish.