Choosing a wood floor

Wood is a natural product that offers different grades, and structures that create different appearance.  Add to this the different finishes available and there are many options to create the look you want from wood flooring.



Each tree is unique and different parts of the same tree can produce different appearances.  This results in knots and grain patterns that help define and add character.  Here's a grading system to help you select the wood floor to express your style.


Selected - Wood with knots up to 20mm; variation in colour and structure.

Accent - Wood with knots up to 50mm; lively variation in colour and stucture.

Lively - Wood with big knots up to 80mm and cracks; lively variation in colour and structure and a rather rustic appearance.




Brushed - Brushing the surface of a wood plank accentuates the natural grain structure and enhances the authentic look and feel of the wood.

Deep brushed - The wood surface is treated with specail brushes, brushing down the soft parts between the annual rings.  Deep brushing enhances the natural wood feel even more.



Wood is a material that grows more beautiful with time.  To ensure the wood floors can be enjoyed for many years to come, Jacobsen floors are given a protective and caring surface finish.  This means they are ready to use as soon as they come out of the box and require no extra surface treatment.


Extra matt lacquer - our extra matt lacquer offers the best of both worlds: the look of untreated wood with the preformance and low maintenance of lacquer.

Matt lacquer - lacquer makes the floor dirt-repellent, easy to clean, and resistant against water as well as household chemicals. 



Bevels define each individual plank creating the feeling of an authentic wood floor.




Oak planks have a typical grain structure and a yellow to brown colour.  Merbau varies widely from orange towards dark reddish brown.