Product Info: Regupol Everroll

Why use Regupol Everroll instead of other floor coverings?

Everroll provides a resilient, slip resistant surface with excellent acoustic qualities.  These are perfect features for areas like:

  - Fitness centres (including weight rooms) - resilient and safe underfoot

  - Offices - especially corridors or atrium walkways where footfall noise can become excessive

  - Schools, Community Centres, Childcare - great for indoor and outdoor non-slip walkways

  - Libraries - helps reduce echo and footfall noise

  - Swimming pool surrounds - soft for bare feet, with appropriate slip resistance for a wet area

  - Retail fitout - attractive design with matt black or chipped colour options


Where can't I use Regupol Everroll?

Everroll is fine for most indoor and outdoor applications, but should not be used for these areas:

  - Anywhere it would be exposed to petroleum based liquids

  - Infectious areas (urinals, inside showers, medical areas) - Everroll does not have a sealed surface therefore infectious liquids could soak in to the  material

  - Food preparation and commercial kitchens - as above, Everroll does not have a sealed surface


Can the surface be sealed in any way?

Yes, and we strongly recommend the use of Reguseal, Regupol's flexible polyurethane sealer. While sealing the product will guarantee nothing will soak into the product the applying of the sealer can reduce the non-slip characteristics. Sealing the surface does not allow for Everroll to be used in the areas listed above. The sealer will eventually breakdown and need to be re-applied.


Do I need to use special adhesives?

Yes, especially in wet areas as the water will eventually soak through, so we strongly recommend the correct adhesives are used, please contact either Jacobsen or the flooring contractor for advice. 


What thickness should I use?

In most applications 4mm will be sufficient. In areas where heavy loads are operating or in gymnasiums where 'free weights' could be dropped, 6mm & 8mm thicknesses should be considered.


Is Regupol Everroll recyclable?

Yes, Everroll is both made of 100%recycled material and is able to be completely recycled.


Is Regupol eligible for Green Star points?

Yes, it can contribute towards low VOC points as part of a flooring system (eg IEQ-3 in Office tool).  Also, Everroll has the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) eco-label so is applicable for Materials points in all the Green Star rating rools (eg 2 points under MAT-9 in Office tool).


What holds all the chipped up material together?

A high quality polyurethane binder designed to withstand tearing and shear forces.


Where has Regupol Everroll been used in NZ?

Lots of places!  Here are some project references, some are featured on our website (click to view)


Anytime Fitness


BNZ Head Office

Glen Innes Pools

Jellicoe Park Pools

Lagoon Pools

Les Mills

Lincoln Event Centre

Linton Army Base



Telecom HQ

Te Rapa Waterworld

The Cloud


Westhaven Marina gangways