Auckland Council Customer Service Centre, Auckland

Architect/Designer: Creative Spaces     Contractor/Installer: Master Kelwin - Hills Floorings

Auckland Council Customer Service Centre

"The design intent was to demonstrate a reflection of Auckland as a maritime city and initiate a visual celebration of the connection to both personal and public space, the transition of colour reflected in the flooring, reveals the journey from internal personal space to external public space. 

The choice of colours reflect the design premise, with the 'The Living Room', warm colours of orange and red, evocative of a flickering fireplace, The Garden or 'Front Lawn', fresh and vibrant green, 'The Beach', shades of blue tiles which mimic the sea, these were interspersed with neutral browns representing the foreshore or sand.

The Shaw Contract Group Plane Hex carpet tile in an assortment of solid block colours was used to delineate zones, emphasising the design themes within the space.  The Hexagon shape and mix of colours and textures with the Shaw carpet enable a harmonious blend between the different zones.  The colours selected also to match the oversized feature wallpaper and lifestyle imagery on perimeter walls."

- Felicia Wan, Creative Spaces

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