Private Residence - Charteris Bay, Christchurch

Architect/Designer: Stephenson & Turner     Contractor/Installer: Mainland Flooring

Private Residence - Charteris Bay

The brief for this project was to build a palette that compliments the specific area and an extensive craft art collection. Colours and textures needed to be nature based and sit well with the timber interior.

The Venis Ona wall tiles were chosen to be placed on the walls where the sun hits the obliquely creating wave-like patterns across the surface. They were matched with a turquoise (GT Hex) mosaic tile, both reflecting the colours, textures and spirits of Whakaraupo/Lyttleton Harbour.

The Venis Madagascar floor tile was chosen to reflect the whiter geology of the site. The Madagascar tile is based on volcanic travertine yet presents a far more robust finish than the natural material, which was a must for use in wet areas.

The Shaw Dye Lab carpet tiles were selected to gently sit against the birch ply interiors, reflecting the greens of the plants found on the forest floor in the Peninsula area. The pattern was especially important as being one of the most organic and random flooring patterns available. 


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