Glassons, Newmarket, Auckland

Architect/Designer: Gascoigne Associates  


At over 500 m2, this is Glassons' biggest store yet so a theme of "Rooms of the Mansion" was chosen to inspire a variety of spaces based on a grand house. Fittings and finishes followed a more residential theme whilst still required to withstand the heavy demands of retail use.

The main floor area to the Hall and Atrium spaces is a Venis Tavola tile in Cream, laid in a herringbone pattern using the long module tile. This provides a neutral, yet warm and inviting backdrop to the merchandising. The rear part of the store is the more intimate zone featuring a darker floor and ceiling that leads into an unashamedly "girly" pink dressing room area. To withstand the rigours of huge customer numbers Venis Tavola Antica Country was chosen to give a vintage residential feel while being able to endure literally thousands of high-heeled shoes each week.

Products used